Mark Sabbatini

Longyearbyen, Norway · 2 Items

Random Bits of Weirdness: The least awful of Icepeople, and other strange tales about Svalbard

Nine years of nutty news about the world's northernmost community by Icepeople, the world's northernmost alternative newspaper. From the first days covering a zombie apocalypse (way before they were way cool) to gay polar bears destroying local weather stations to liveblogging about bring grouped in the groin while being filmed for a reality TV show, we've always been on top of the world's coolest stories. But in Svalbard ordinary people are full of extraordinary stories, such as a young women embracing polar perils despite being Longyearbyen's first deaf resident. And the community as a whole is going through both chilling and heartwarming times due to tragedies such as massive avalanches and the near-total shutdown of the landmark coal industry. This collection of 20 articles, as well as pieces about Svalbard for other publications and previously unpublished work, offer an unusual portrait of an endlessly unusual place.

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